MyRepublic Closure Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

MyRepublic Pty Ltd (MyRepublic) is exiting the Australian Market, and has sold its customer contracts to Superloop Limited (Superloop). MyRepublic will be transferring its residential and enterprise customers to Superloop.

What is happening to my internet service? 

Your internet service will be transitioned over to the Superloop network. Superloop will continue to service your contract. Your internet plan will remain the same, which means that your speed tier, monthly charge, termination rights will not change.

If you have a Gigatown 1000/400Mbps service: Unfortunately your current Gigatown 1000/400Mbps plan has been discontinued. As your current plan is no longer available, your internet service will be terminated in 30 days from 24 January 2023.

If you have a $20, $30 or $40 International Calling Pack add-on: Superloop will continue to service your contract. Your internet plan will remain the same, which means that your speed tier, monthly charge, termination rights will not change. However, your current International home phone add-on service is no longer available. 

Will there be an interruption to my internet service during the transition period?

During the transfer, you may experience a slight disruption to your internet service, although we are endeavouring to undertake the migration outside of business hours.

Will I need new equipment on the Superloop network?

No, Your current modem will continue to work on the Superloop network, although you may need to restart it once your internet is active on the Superloop network.

I have a MyRepublic Modem on a payment plan, can I keep it?

If you have a modem that is supplied by MyRepublic, you can retain it on existing terms, other than it will be billed for by Superloop moving forward.

Will you be sharing my personal data with Superloop?

In order to provide you with uninterrupted service, your existing records with MyRepublic (including your personal information and payment-related information) have been or will be transferred and disclosed to Superloop. There are no material adverse differences to the way your personal information will be handled by Superloop. The purposes for which Superloop will collect, use and disclose your personal information are addressed in Superloop's privacy policy which can be found here. Information about your privacy rights and how you may exercise those rights is also set out in Superloop’s privacy policy. 

I want to cancel my service, will I be charged a cancellation fee?

No. If you would like to cancel your service with us and move to another provider, you will be released from your plan immediately after you notify us and will not be charged any cancellation fees related to your plan. If you have purchased a MyRepublic modem on an instalment plan and choose to cancel your service, the remaining modem instalments will be payable on your final invoice from MyRepublic.

I’m a MyRepublic customer and I’ve just learned I’m moving to Superloop. What do I need to do?

There’s nothing you need to do. MyRepublic and Superloop are working together to transition MyRepublic customers to the Superloop network. Shortly you will receive an email with your planned migration cutover date. This will happen behind the scenes and Superloop will notify you once the successful migration has been completed.

I’ve noticed Superloop offers different plans and prices to MyRepublic. Will my plan change when I migrate to Superloop?

No. MyRepublic customers will be transitioned across to Superloop on the terms and conditions of their existing agreements. That means that you will be migrated to Superloop on your existing internet plans and prices. Once you migrate to Superloop, you will of course have the option to choose another plan.  

*For a very small number of MyRepublic customers, there may be some minor changes to their plans, but Superloop will proactively contact those customers.

Will I receive the same quality of experience with Superloop?

Superloop's purpose is to make the internet experience super. They do this by: owning their own network, offering a great customer service experience via their customer contact centre, where you can speak to experienced team members via phone, chat, or through their app, and by working hard to deliver game-changing innovations to the market with bonus offers like Speed Boost.   

You should have a terrific experience as a Superloop customer. You can expect fast and reliable internet in line with your chosen plan, backed by great customer support. 

Will I be able to keep my modem?

Yes. You can keep your modem and it will continue to work on the Superloop network.  

Will there be any changes to how I pay my bill when I move to Superloop?

No. Superloop will offer you the same payment types as MyRepublic: via credit card, PayPal, or direct debit.  

If you typically receive a monthly invoice when your bill is ready, you will continue to receive an invoice in the same bill cycle. The only change is that after migration, your next invoice will be sent to you from Superloop. You will be given all the details for you to pay your invoice online via PayPal or credit card.  

If you have set up a direct debit, there is no need for you to do anything. MyRepublic and Superloop have worked together to transition the direct debit set up, and after migration, your payments will automatically be received by Superloop.

What personal data will Superloop receive and how do you manage it?

Superloop will receive any data you have supplied to MyRepublic, including your name, address, contact details, connection type, and billing information.   

Superloop is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and their personal information. Superloop acts as data controllers in accordance with Article 4, number 7 EU Regulation 2016/679. Superloop's Privacy Policy explains how Superloop collects, uses, shares, holds and retains customers’ personal information as required in the normal course and scope of Superloop’s business, or when required by law. 

A copy of the Superloop Privacy Policy can be found on the Superloop website.

Who do I contact if I need support?

Superloop has a dedicated customer support team with more than 200 trained and experienced employees who are available to help you out seven days a week. Their team is available to talk to you via phone or web chat Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm AEDT, and 10:30am to 7pm AEDT on weekends and public holidays. Plus, they offer web chat support after hours.   

Because the new MyRepublic customers are important to Superloop, they've recruited and trained an additional team of dedicated customer service specialists just to support you as you transition across. So they'll be ready to handle any questions you might have about the process. The special number MyRepublic customers can call is 1300 924 003. (Please do not call the general customer helpline number.)

How will I know when I’ve been migrated to Superloop?

You will receive an email with your migration schedule. We expect your migration to be pretty seamless – it’ll happen outside of regular hours to minimise any impacts – and you’ll receive contact details for who to reach out to should you experience any issues.  

Once you have been successfully migrated across to Superloop, you’ll receive an official welcome email from them with all the links and info you need to enjoy the Superloop experience.

Does Superloop offer the same rewards programs and discounts that MyRepublic offered?

The MyRepublic rewards program was discontinued prior to the migration to Superloop, so that program and any associated discounts are no longer available.  

Superloop delivers quite a few perks that we reckon you’ll enjoy including Speed Boost and Free with Friends. You can read more about these benefits on the Superloop website.


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