Do I have to pay an early termination fee?

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When do termination fees apply?

Early termination fees are charges that you need to pay if you choose to:

  • Cancel a MyRepublic service before your contract end date.
  • Request to relocate your service to an address that isn't serviceable before your contract end date.

If I cancel my MyRepublic service early, what are the termination fees?

You can find out what early termination fee may be attached to your MyRepublic service by checking the Critical Information Summary (CIS) related to your plan. In some cases, the early termination fee amount decreases over time.

You can also contact our team via for specific information relating to your account.


Finalising your account

When our team finalise your account, you will receive a final invoice via email, this will include any outstanding charges alongside the applicable early termination fee. This final amount will be due 14 days after its issue date.

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