Want to be able to keep an eye on things at home while you're away? With a Static IP address, you can connect to your IP camera, CCTV, or ring doorbells remotely. Or empower your home office by connecting to your work network servers from home or even run your own web domain and much more for only $8 per month. Alternatively, upgrade to our Gamer Pro plan which includes Static IP.



What is a Static IP, and what is it used for?
Having a 'Static Internet Protocol' or 'Static IP' address means that your IP address will be fixed (i.e. it does not change), compared to a standard dynamic IP address, which may change.

Having a Static (fixed IP) is useful for:

mceclip0.png Connect to Devices Remotely Need to keep on eye on things at home while you’re away? Static IP allows you to easily connect to your residence’s IP camera or CCTV.

mceclip1.png Run Your Own Web Domain For more tech-savvy home users, Static IP enables you to host your own web domain, run large-scale game servers or access your NAS.

  mceclip2.pngEmpower Your Home Office If you’re a home office user, Static IP gives you access to your home workstation file servers from external networks.

How to get a Static IP 
Upon sign up, you can choose between getting a stand alone static IP or one of our gamer products. Our gamer product is designed specifically for gamers and comes with a static IP. If you're not a gamer and need the static IP for something else, you have the option to add this to your plan at 8$ per month.

If you're already with MyRepublic, you can add this option as an add-on. Live Chat with one of our experts who are happy to process your request.




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