Your address is ready for an nbn service, what next?
We'll need to make sure your address is ready for an nbn connection, and that MyRepublic can provide it. Head to our website, type your address into the search bar and a message will appear letting you know which nbn connection type is available.


How do I upgrade? 
Jump on our Live Chat between 8 am - 8 pm Monday - Friday (Sydney time), and one of our team will organise an upgrade specialist to give you a call, and take you through the process of getting connected with the nbn.

How long will the upgrade take?
Once we place the nbn order, it may take 2 - 20 business days to get the nbn connection online. The time it takes depends on the type of nbn connection available at your home, and whether an installation or connection appointment is needed.

Will there be downtime when upgrading?
Depending on the NBN connection type, you may experience downtime of 3 to 24 hours - we'll endeavour to activate your service as soon as the nbn have confirmed the connection is ready to go and keep you updated along the way via email & SMS.

Does it cost to upgrade to nbn?
If you are in contract with MyRepublic, upgrading to nbn is entirely free! For those customers outside their contract terms, or on a month to month plan, you can refresh your contract, or sign up to our 12 or 24-month contract to avoid the $69 upgrade fee.

Note: A one-off $300 New Development Charge may apply depending on the nbn connection type - you can read more about it here

You can jump on our Live Chat, below and one of our team members will take you through the process.



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