I want to add or remove a Home Phone feature

To add or remove a home phone feature contact us via our Live Chat, or fill out this form and one of our team members will take you through the process.

How to add a home phone feature
Adding a home phone feature with MyRepublic is a quick and easy step that takes effect between one to two business days. Your invoice will have the charges reflected on the next month's invoice showing the period that it has been active.

Home Phone features:

  • Voicemail: $1.99 per month

Let friends & family leave a message when you are busy or away from your phone.

  • Private Number: $1.99 per month

Permanently hides the display of your phone number on all outbound calls. Your number is also not displayed in any Directory Assistance services.

  • Calling Number Display $1.99 per month

See who’s calling before you answer the phone by having the caller’s number display on the screen.

  • Features pack: $4.99 per month

Customise your phone with Voicemail, Private Number, and Calling Number Display, all for a low bundle price.

Removing a home phone feature 
If by any chance you change your mind and wish to remove a home phone feature, you can simply jump on our Live Chat below and one of our team members will take you through the process.



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