Your service will experience a short interruption during the transfer process from your old provider to MyRepublic.

The timeframe of interruption can vary depending on the type of service that you have - but will rarely be longer than 24 hours. As soon as your MyRepublic modem is delivered (if you've ordered one), we'll begin the process of connecting your new service. If you're bringing your own modem, we'll be able to connect you quickly, as you won't need to wait for your modem to be delivered.

What is a service transfer?

A transfer takes place when a customer moves an existing service from one service provider to another. Sometimes this involves new equipment being installed (e.g. when upgrading to the nbn™)

What is required for a successful transfer?

For a transfer to complete:

  • The service must remain active with the previous provider
  • There can't be any pending disconnections on the current service (this can cause the new order to be rejected)
  • There can't be any pending disconnections on the home phone line attached to the current service

Interruption time-frames

Typical service interruptions depend on which type of technology you are transferring from, and to;

  • nbn™ to nbn™: Up to 24 hours
  • Upgrade from ADSL to nbn™: ~ 4 hours (depending on the length of your technician appointment)
To make sure any downtime is limited, we won't initiate a transfer of service until your MyRepublic modem arrives. If you're bringing your own modem, we can start the transfer straight away.

When should I cancel my previous provider's service?

You should retain the existing connection with your previous internet service provider until your MyRepublic connection is online. We will send you an email & SMS once you are up and running - usually your previous service will automatically cancel at this point.

It's always best to contact your previous provider once the transfer is complete, to confirm the transfer, and make sure any billing is ceased.

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