Where can I see my account details?

You can log in to MyAccount to check and change your details. All you need is the accounts email address and the password you created on sign-up.

Follow this link if you have forgotten your password.


On the 'MyDetails' tab, you will be welcomed with your current account information across the following tabs

  • Update Details
  • Past Bills
  • Payment Method
  • Voice Usage

Update Details


The "Update Details" displays all of your details, like account number, name and contact number & email address.

Find out more here if you need to change your mobile number or email address.

Past Bills


The "Past Bills" tab shows your current payment method details and your billing information.

Payment Method


The "Payment Method" tab allows you to update your current card details.

Voice Usage


If you have a service with a voice plan, the "Voice Usage" tab will allow you to view your current landline number, call history, and current charges.

Need to change something?

Changing your contact number or email address

Transferring ownership of your account to someone else

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