I want to change my home phone number

Requesting a new phone number
Adding a new number with MyRepublic is a quick, free and easy process that takes between one and two business days. A phone number will be allocated from the number range of your closest capital city (which will be “out of area number” if you are not located in that city).

 If you have an out of area number, calls to and from that number will be charged as if you are located in the calling area for the number, and you may not be able to port the number to another provider.

Changing your current MyRepublic number
Please let us know if you're receiving nuisance or spam calls, and we'll be able to assist. Unfortunately, we aren't able to provide specific numbers at your request, though may be able to assist if you're looking to transfer a number from a previous provider.

Porting a number from another provider
To port a standard number to MyRepublic, once you have contacted the customer service team, will take between 5 and 10 business days. A fee of $25 (inc GST) will be charged for transferring your phone number from your current provider to MyRepublic upon successful completion of the transfer.

There are circumstances where the porting of a number can take longer. If the number has other services such as voicemail, fax lines, or a number of what service providers consider "Complex Services" the process can then be extended a number of weeks.

You can find out more here about transferring your phone number to MyRepublic, alternatively jump on our Live Chat and one of our team members will take you through the process.



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