Everything you need to know about moving home

Moving home is easy in the MyRepublic App


How long does it take to move my service to a new address?
You can specify your move-in and move-out dates when you submit your relocation request 

Can I use my old service until I move?
Of course! We won't disconnect your existing services until we’ve confirmed you’re active in your new home unless you let us request us to do otherwise. 

Can I keep my home phone number?
If you are moving to the same state, absolutely - we’ll transfer your current home phone number to your new service when it’s activated. If you're moving interstate, we need to give you a new number.

Can I keep the same plan, pricing & contract?
We will always try to keep your plan the same.  Your plan may need to change your plan if;

  • The type of connection at your new home isn’t supported by your current plan

How much notice should I give?
We’d love to know the date you are moving as soon as you do! We want to connect your new home on the day you move, but if a technician needs to go to your new address to connect you, ideally we would hear from you at least 7 business days in advance.

What equipment do I need at my new home?
Just take your existing MyRepublic modem with you. Please leave any nbn™ equipment that a technician installed in your property (or anything that says 'nbn™' on it).

Your MyRepublic Wi-Fi hub+ or Halo modem is one of the two items below:

But you should leave any of these items if you have them:

Image result for fttc ncdImage result for arris ntdImage result for fttp ntd

Please do not remove the nbn™ equipment or take it with you. The nbn™ equipment is registered to the specific address, therefore will not work or be compatible with your new premises. You won’t be able to use it at your new address so leave it behind for the next occupants. If you remove the nbn™ supplied equipment, you may make it harder for the new occupant of the premises to connect to the nbn™ when they move in.

What is nbn™ supplied equipment?
nbn™ supplied equipment refers to the equipment nbn™ installed as part of the network rollout and varies depending on the technology type used at your premises. This equipment usually features an nbn™ logo and can include the nbn™ connection box, cabling from the street to the building, and nbn™ wall plates/sockets. The nbn™ equipment should also have an nbn™ logo on the device.

How much does it cost?
$0. There is no fee charged by MyRepublic when you move home.

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