How can I change the contact number or email linked to my account?

You can log into your MyAccount to update your contact number. Your MyAccount username is the email address you supplied on sign up. If you have forgotten it or wish to update the email address you can contact us via Live Chat.


Changing your mobile phone number
Change your mobile phone number through MyAccount.

All you need to log into your MyAccount is the account email address and password (created on signup) - forgotten your password? Not a problem, it's quick and easy to reset.

  1.     Login to your MyAccount
  2.     Click the 'MyDetails' tab
  3.     Enter your new number
  4.     Save Changes



Changing your email address
Jump onto our Live Chat and one of our friendly team members will update your email address for you.


Transferring ownership of your account
You can find out more here about transferring ownership of your account to someone else.

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