Will I be notified about network updates

Network and Tech Support

From time to time updates on the network are required to optimise and improve performance. You can easily check below if there are updates happening at your address.




When there are the network updates that may affect your service you will receive an SMS to let you know the below:

  • The scheduled network updates in your area a few days before the improvements begin
  • Once the network updates have begun
  • When the network updates have finished
Once we let you know the planned network updates have been resolved please power restart your modem if you experience delays reconnecting to the network.

Network issues

Our Facebook, Twitter and Website will have up to date information for any unplanned network issues in your area.

Further to this, you will receive an SMS to let you know -

  • There is an issue in your area and any relevant information available, like what the problem is, and when we expect it to be fixed.
  • Any updates available during the course of this issue
  • When the issue is resolved

If you didn't receive notification of an unplanned disruption or planned network update

You may need to update your details in MyAccount.

All you need is the accounts email address and password (created on signup) - don't worry if you've forgotten your password we can help you reset it!

You can also jump on our Live Chat to update your contact information, or if you need any extra help.



  • Facebook and Twitter will not be updated during Live Chat after hours and Sunday. Please refer to our network status page. 

  • Live Chat IVR will be updated with the outage banner during opening hours

  • If you receive an outage SMS, you don’t need to submit an online request form or hop to live chat. 

  • The Social Media Care Team will share the updates real time in the outage post.  During this time expect a high volume of direct messages and comments to come through to us. Hence, our 2-hour response time will most likely not be met and will be next business day. Post the outage we will upload the resolved banner and we will respond to all comments. If you still need help, please send us a direct message with your full name, account number, date of birth and service address. 


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