Network and Tech Support

Sometimes there are either global network, local network, website-specific or device problems that affect your ability to connect to specific websites

Any current website issues are shown below:


We're working with the team at Ticketmaster to solve an issue where MyRepublic customers are being blocked from accessing the site. If you want us to keep you updated, jump on our Live Chat and one of the team will assist.


Troubleshooting steps

If your site is not listed in the known issues, you can try the following steps to connect:

  1.     Reset the power on your device
  2.     Ensure the website address you have typed in is correct, and that it hasn't changed (i.e if you are directly trying to connect to a subpage on a website, you can go to its homepage and navigate from there)
  3.     Clear your web browser cache. You can contact your browsers help centre to find out how
  4.     Try accessing the website from a different browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Edge)
  5.     Check the error message being displayed (if there is one) -  the website may have planned and unplanned maintenance
  6.     Try using another device, like a PC or laptop. Your device may have settings that prevent it from accessing certain websites
  7.     Try using another network, (e.g. your 4G mobile network or equivalent). If this works, you can contact us via Live Chat so we can investigate further.
  8.     Temporarily disable your security or antivirus software, as this may be preventing you from accessing certain websites. Only connect to websites you trust, and contact the software manufacturer if you are being prevented from accessing safe sites
  9.     Reset your modem

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