What is Priority Assistance?

Priority Assistance is a service designed to help anyone who has (or are living with someone who has) a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition, and whose life may be at risk without access to fully operational phone services at all times.

Who is eligible?

Anyone with (or living with someone who has) a diagnosed life-threatening condition is eligible for Priority Assistance.

This includes:

  • Patients at high risk of respiratory emergencies
  • Patients with high-risk mental health disorders
  • Technology-dependent patients who are at high risk
  • Patients at risk of life-threatening hypoglycemia or epilepsy
  • Patients at high risk of obstetric and neonatal emergencies
  • Patients at high risk of cardiovascular emergencies
  • Dependent patients who live alone, without support, or in remote locations.

Does MyRepublic support Priority Assistance?

No, MyRepublic does not support or provide Priority Assistance. Telstra is a provider who can offer Priority Assistance.

What if I have a Medical Alarm Service or Security Alarm System?

This service is not suitable if you (or a person living with you) has a serious illness, life-threatening condition, disability services, a back-to-base home alarm system, or if you require an uninterrupted phone line.

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