I need more time to pay my bill

We are happy to offer payment extensions on bills for up to 14 days from the generation date - just choose your preferred payment date for your current invoice. This is available as long as your account is not suspended.

Important Information

  • Once you click submit, your extension will be applied immediately.
  • A late payment fee will be applied to your next bill if it's over 9 days from the due date.
  • This extension will only be for the invoice you selected, new invoices generated in the future will keep their original due date.
  • This process is designed to give you more time to pay your bill before the due date. If you are already suspended, extending your payment won't unsuspend you.
  • You must make a payment on this due date or your account will be suspended.
  • The ability to extend your invoices may be revoked if you fail to adhere to a requested extension.
  • BPOINT payments can take up to 1 business day to process, please keep this in mind when choosing a new due date.
  • You can pay your outstanding amount online anytime via PAYNOW.

Request via MyAccount
You can do this by logging in to MyAccount using the account information you gave when you signed up. If you can't remember your password, click here.


Once logged in, just click on the option to extend your due date.



You will then see a confirmation of your new due date. If you have issues logging in, you can also contact our Live Chat Support and we can help you further.

Do you need to change the date you receive your invoices each month?
If your payment date is making things difficult for you each month, you can change your monthly payment date here.


Request via Live Chat
You can also chat with one of our experts online by clicking the Live Chat button below.


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