How much is the cost of the MyRepublic modem?

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Replacing your modem under MyRepublic Warranty

We can replace your MyRepublic modem if the modem fails to operate under normal use within the warranty period.

MyRepublic will repair the modem or replace the modem with a refurbished device of the same or a similar product. Modem models may change over the course of this warranty. It may be necessary for the replacement unit to be a refurbished unit, a different model, and/or from a different manufacturer.

MyRepublic Warranty does not cover:

  • Changing your mind;
  • Mechanical damage to the Product caused by misuse, impact or accidental damage;
  • Damage caused by other electronic devices connected to the Product;
  • Hacking of Product firmware, or tampering with the Product or security seals;
  • Introduction of computer viruses;
  • Heat, liquid, lightning or power surge damage or damage caused by any other external events or
  • Theft
You can access our Warranty information on the Legal page of our website here

To process a warranty replacement request, we will need to perform troubleshooting steps first to ensure that the problem is not with the broadband connection itself. If we deem that your modem is faulty and within the warranty period, we will replace it without cost to you. You will be required to return the faulty modem back to MyRepublic.

Purchasing a replacement modem from MyRepublic

You have the option to purchase a new modem from MyRepublic if your modem is faulty outside of its warranty period and/or you require a replacement modem.

Upon sign up, we offer our modem at a discount. The outright purchase price of our TP-Link VX230v  modem is $199.95.




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