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Setting up your connection

Let's check your physical set up. Having an nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial connection, also known as HFC will require your connection to be set up like the diagram below.


 *the Splitter is optional where nbn™ and a Pay TV cable service, like Foxtel, are both connected

Check your power 

The nbn™ connection box is also known as a Network Termination Device or NTD. Ensure both the nbn™ box (NTD) and modem are powered on.

Check your cabling 

Other things we need to check:

  • Ensure your modem's WAN port is connected via ethernet cable to the nbn™ box (NTD) UNI-D1 port
  • Ensure there is no phone cable connected to your modem DSL port



mceclip1.png             mceclip2.png

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