Integrated Public Number Database (IPND)

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What is the IPND?

The IPND is the Integrated Public Number Database. It is a database that contains all listed and unlisted public telephone numbers in Australia.

It is a critical source of information that is used by our emergency services (for example when you dial 000) and law enforcement national security agencies to help them associate a phone number to an address.

Information about every phone service in Australia (fixed, mobile, and others) is stored in the IPND and access to IPND data is strictly regulated.

What information does the IPND store?

  • Customer phone number
  • Customer name
  • Customer service address
  • Directory listing preference (listed, unlisted etc)
  • For listed services, the name and address of the customer to appear in the public number directories
  • The type of service the phone number is e.g. fixed, mobile etc.

Are MyRepublic phone numbers listed in the IPND database?

Yes. All MyRepublic VoIP services are sent to the IPND database. We use the name and address details that were provided to create your account.

Can I "opt out" of the IPND database?

No. Provision of IPND data is mandated under the Telecommunications Act.

How can I check or update my IPND details?

If you have a question regarding IPND or would like to understand what data is stored in the IPND please submit a request via our contact form which can be found here.

Where can I find out more information about IPND?

Further information can be found on the Australian Communications and Media Authority website here.

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