We're sorry to hear you are experiencing slow speeds. Superfast internet speeds are something we want for all our customers. Let's try some troubleshooting to see if we can fix your speeds.

This is an interactive troubleshooting guide to fix the slow speeds. Before you start we need to check:


mceclip1.pngPayments up to date - Log in to MyAccount to make sure your service hasn't been restricted or terminated due to a missed payment or incorrect card details as this will slow your speeds.

mceclip3.png Damaged cables - Make sure no cables are damaged, and all cables are connected correctly as this will slow your speeds. You may need to unplug and then plug in the cables again. It's always best to try an alternate ethernet cable where possible to make sure this isn't the issue.

mceclip4.pngNetwork upgrades - We are continuously working on upgrading and improving our network.
If you are having speed issues you can check here to see if we are working on the network in your area.



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