NAT is also known as Network Address Translation, is a service a modem provides so all of your devices will work off a singular external IP by giving them internet IP's Such as

What is Double NAT?
Double NAT is when 2 devices on your network have created an internal IP address for you.

Why has this happened?
By not having a Static IP address you are adding an extra layer of security by being protected with an internal IP as shown in the diagrams below.

How can I fix Double NAT?
To fix double NAT you will need a Static IP address, MyRepublic offers this as a stand-alone product or as part of our Gamer pack.

Compared to a Gamer pack Customer

You will notice that the MyRepublic Network no longer is handing out an IP address

Types of NAT
There are 3 types of NAT Strict, Moderate, and Open.'

My NAT is strict why and how do I fix this?
NAT becomes strict when the ports required for that game or server are closed this can be changed by forwarding the ports required in your router to the device needed them.

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CGNAT (Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation)
If you have the gamer pack, which provides a reserved static public IP address, then you will not be part of our CGNAT. Our default plans use CGNAT, which shares a public IP address with multiple users.

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