This article explains in detail the steps taken by MyRepublic in the event of a non-working new connection

MyRepublic has a plan in place to ensure that any issues in setting up your connection for the first time are resolved ASAP. This includes assigning your case to a member of our service assurance team and immediately raising your issue to nbn™. In the rare occasion that we are unable to get your service online within 3 days we follow our industry-leading escalation process which ensures we get you online as soon as possible, providing you credit to compensate you for any downtime and providing you with the option to terminate at no cost if we cannot get you online fast enough.

We will always aim to get you online ASAP.

Getting your service online

Your account will be case managed by a member of our service assurance team who will prioritise your connection and aim to get you online ASAP. If your service has not worked after troubleshooting, we will liaise with nbn™ in order for further investigations to take place. nbn™ may take the following actions but not limited to, such as:

  • Requesting for a replacement modem to be sent out
  • Sending out an nbn™ field technician to conduct tests and repair any physical faults
  • Reconfiguring your service
  • Further troubleshooting steps such as testing other sockets in the house

Generally speaking, nbn™ provide us with a 1-2 working day response time when conducting their investigations. We will ensure that when we receive an update from nbn™, you are made aware of this within 1 working day.

10 days without a service

If your service has not come online after 10 days, we will assign your connection to the nbn™ escalations team. You will be notified when this happens. When this happens, nbn™ will provide faster response times and take more immediate action to restore your services.

40 days without a service

If your service has not come online after 40 days, MyRepublic will offer to compensate you for any interim services you might buy. You will be provided with a plan by MyRepublic that will outline the steps for connection.

Taking care of your bills

MyRepublic won't charge you for a service you haven't received, so for the time you are disconnected during the first billing period, we will apply a pro-rata credit to your account to compensate you eg. if you are paying $79.95 per month and your service is down for 7 days in the month of June, $18.66 ($79.99/30 days x 7 days downtime) in credit will be applied to your account.
We understand that being without internet for lengthy amounts of time can be frustrating, so if your service is down for 14 days or more, MyRepublic will waive the entire first billing period. Any further days your service is down outside of the first billing period will be compensated via a pro-rata credit on top of the first month's waiver.

Additional options

If we are unable to get your service online for the first time and you would like to cancel your service, we will ensure that any previous internet or modem fees you have paid to MyRepublic are refunded to your credit card. In the instance that you are in a contract during, we will ensure that you are not charged any early termination fees.

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