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Connect your PC/Laptop directly to your nbn™ box

This will help us diagnose if the issue relates to your modem.

  1. Plug a single ethernet cable directly from your device (e.g. laptop/ PC) into the UNI-D port your service connects to on the nbn™ Box
  2. Make sure your modem is no longer connected to either your device, or the nbn™ box, and you are able to connect to a webpage.
  3. Wait a few moments, and rerun a speed test to see if this has resolved the issue
Now, run a speed test by opening Make sure you choose the Sydney server before clicking GO. The test will only take about 3 seconds to complete. You will be provided with the download and upload speeds


Need more help?

If your speed improved when connecting directly to the nbn™, it may indicate a faulty modem. Chat with one of our experts online so we can assist you further. You may be asked to provide the latest speed results when you connected your PC/Laptop directly to your nbn™ box, so make sure you have them handy


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