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Resetting your modem 

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About factory resets

Turning off your modem refreshes the modem settings, and fixes a large percentage of issues. This is known as "power cycling" or rebooting a modem.

To do this, locate the reset button on your respective router/modem and depending on the manufacturer of your device will determine how long you hold the reset down for, this can be from 5 seconds to 15 seconds.

Sometimes we may ask you to reset your modem. This is different from rebooting or power cycling, and you should only reset your modem if you are instructed to do so by a MyRepublic team member. Resetting your modem refreshes the device's software, clears memory and cache if any.

This will remove any changes you have made to the settings on your modem, including Wi-Fi password changes - here's how to get re-apply them

Once your modem is back on, let's confirm if this resolved your issue by running another speedtest.

Run a speed test, by opening Make sure you choose the Sydney server before clicking GO. The test will only take about 3 seconds to complete. You will be provided with the download and upload speeds



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