The MyRepublic home phone service uses a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone service that is run over our internet data service.


If you are experiencing issues please check the following first to resolve the issue.

1. Is your internet-connected: your internet will need to be connected for your phone service to work.

If your internet is not connecting, please see our guide.

2. Is your account up to date: Your services may be suspended if your bill is unpaid, you would have received a text message or voicemail message if this was the case. You can find more information about payments here.

3. Is your modem VOIP and handset properly setup: ensure your handset is connected to the modem "phone" port. 

If you are using a wireless handset, ensure the base station is connected to the modems "phone" port and the wireless handset is fully charged and connecting to the base station. 

MyRepublic WiFi Hub and Halo modems will automatically configure VOIP settings. However our TP-Link and BYO modems will require manual configuration to enable the phone service as detailed in the following guides:


4. Still experiencing issues? 

Please select the corresponding fault button below to continue

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