Sales and New Connections

The majority of our connection times fall within 3-20 business days, however there are some circumstances where the order completion may extend beyond the expected time-frame. 

The most common reasons why MyRepublic and nbn™ have been unable to proceed are listed below:

Your order is held by nbn™

An order can be held when nbn™ are required to complete additional work which is external to your premises before they can successfully connect your nbn™ service. It can mean that:

  • an existing part of the nbn™ network needs to be repaired/replaced or upgraded 
  • new infrastructure is required to provide services in a location where there is currently no nbn™ framework
  • an extension of an existing network is needed. This is common in new areas that may also incur new development fees

When your order is held, nbn™ usually provides an estimated time for when they expect the required work to be completed by. We pass this information on to you, so you are kept informed and up-to-date regarding the progress of your order. This date is just an estimate based on the amount of work involved, and may be subject to change by nbn™ pending unforeseen circumstances.

The technician was unable to complete the installation during initial site visit

In some cases, an nbn™ technician needs to be dispatched for a connection installation or upgrade before the nbn™ service can be activated at your location. There are potential circumstances which may pose limitations for the nbn™ technician, these include:

  • The technician not being able access the required area (e.g MDF room)
  • The technician attend the premises on time
  • The customer not being in attendance for the technician visit. 
  • The technician unable to perform the installation safely - this may be due to weather conditions or OHS/Site conditions (asbestos, rubbish)
  • technician unable to complete the installation after determining they do not have the required equipment for that particular job site and will require a second visit.

In this scenario, a new technician appointment will needs to be scheduled to complete the task.

Your premise is not ready for the connection

Depending on the technology available in your area, some work may be needed within your premises first, to make it capable to receive an nbn™ connection.  

This may be, but not limited, to the following:

  • a copper lead-in is needed to be installed in the premise- this is the copper wiring between your home to the street (usually within the trench)
  • internal wiring/wall-sockets are non-existent or damaged and needing repair 

To get this resolved, you will need to hire an ACMA-accredited technician to complete the installation/repair.  As this is on your property or within your building, it falls out of the scope of nbn™ and is the responsibility of the landlord or building management. 

When your premise is ready, we can proceed with the activation of your order.

We are awaiting approval

The activation of some locations may incur additional costs by nbn™ or require authorised access to the property. As such, we will require confirmation of approval to proceed.

Some approvals we require are:

  • New line approval or NDC- this applies to new locations which entail a charge of 300$ from nbn™
  • Body corporate/strata/landlord approval - permission has not been obtained to allow nbn™ to gain access to your premise (or certain rooms in the building) to perform the necessary work
  • Active service transfer approval - an active connection with another provider has been detected at your service address and we require confirmation as to whether we will be transferring this active service to MyRepublic or a separate brand new connection is required.

We are missing some information to progress your order

MyRepublic will get in touch with you to explain the missing information needed to complete your order. Some of the details or documents we may ask from you are: 

  • the phone number associated with the active copper phone connection detected in your service address 
  • Valid Proof of Occupancy documentation to confirm you are legally the current occupant
  • the details of the nbn™ box (NTD) in your premise because the nbn™ system is unable to detect and communicate with the device
  • Additional site location details or property modifications (e.g subdivisions)

You will be notified if there are any delays on your order. We will do our best to ensure you are kept in the loop and up to date with the progress of your order. If you need a hand, we are ready online through Live Chat to answer your questions.


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