Home Phone Issues - Not Working - Plugging into modem

1. Let's ensure your physical network is all connected properly! MyRepublic runs our phone service via the modem, this means you need to have your phone, or wireless phone base station, connected directly to your modem. Your internet connection will also need to be working. 

If your internet isn't working or you are experiencing issues setting up and plugging in your modem, make sure you have done this first. You can find a full guide here.

2. Make sure you unplug your phone from any wall outlets, including inline filters or splitters, as it will need to be connected directly to the modem. For example, with the MyRepublic WiFi Hub there are two green phone ports. The phone is plugged into "Port 1", this is the first green port from the left.


3. If your phone cable doesn't fit into this port, it may be likely you have a rectangle BT connector (shown on the right), instead of a RJ11 connector (shown on the left), which looks like this:



For your phone to work on our services, you need a cable with a RJ11 connector on both ends. These can be found at most electronic stores. If this isn't an option, get in touch with us here. Please be aware that using additional filters or splitters may not work.


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