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Caller ID Blocking
This feature allows you to temporarily block the display of your phone number for the next call that you make. This feature is available on your service and is automatically turned on.

How to hide your number

  • From your Home Phone service pick up the telephone and wait for a dial tone.
  • Press * 3 1 * followed by the number you want to call. This feature will block your number from appearing and will simply be presented as Private.
  • For example: in order to call 09123456 while hiding your number, dial *31*09123456

Private Number
This optional feature is available if you wish to permanently block the display of your telephone number on calling number display compatible telephones of people or businesses you call. The displaying of your telephone number on outgoing calls will need to be removed for you on the network. This feature is not automatically available and can be added to your service upon your request with an additional cost.  

If you would like to hide your caller ID for all outbound calls please contact us

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