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1. If you have received a message from us informing you the number has been disconnected, this means the number was not available from your previous provider for us to port it. Unfortunately, this can make the porting process difficult. A number that hasn't been ported usually means outbound phone calls work, but inbound calls don't. The number needs to be active with your previous provider for us to port the number over. Check the next steps below:

Option 1:

Contact your previous provider and ask if they can re-activate the number temporarily so we can re-attempt the number port. Once you have received confirmation from them that this was successful, please get in touch with us. 

Option 2:

If your previous provider cannot re-activate the number, unfortunately this may mean we need to supply you with a new number. This can easily be done from our side, please get in touch with us to get this processed for you. 

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