How do I add an authorised party to my account?

If you would like to add an authorized party to your account, you can conveniently arrange that online by Submitting a Request and we will start the process and be in touch.

What you'll need

  • Your existing account details
  • The authorised users' information; including Full Name, E-mail, and Phone Number. 
  • Consent from yourself that the new party is authorised on your account.

How does it work? 
For the authorisation to be completed, the authorised party will need to agree to the terms and conditions by replying to an e-mail sent to them. This e-mail is the one you provided us with during your initial request.

Once this is complete, we will add their details to your account, so if you need them to contact us on your behalf, all they need to do is identify themselves similarly to how you normally would, and we can assist them further. 

Further notes
If you would like to check who are authorised parties on your account, simply contact us, identify yourself, and we will let you know. Additionally, you can also follow the same process if you would like to remove any authorised parties on your account. If you choose to do so and then later decide to re-add them as an authorised party again.


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