Setting up your TP-Link Archer VR2100v Modem is Quick and Easy

Copy_of_Chat_with_us__3_.pngCheck out this interactive guide and skip Live Chat! Before we start, we need to determine which technology type you are so that we can make this simple.

Click on the NBN device below that is installed in your home.
Important: If you have no device, and only a wall jack, please select FTTN/FTTB.
Please do not connect the ethernet cable to the NBN device, you will need to complete the following steps, then allow your modem to restart when prompted.

Fibre_To_The_Premises.png  1.1__Button__-_Fibre_To_The_Curb.png  1.2__Button__-_Fibre_To_The_Node_Basement.png1.3__Button__Hybrid_Fibre_Coaxil.png  1.4__Button__-_Fixed_Wirless.png


Prefer to watch a video?
This video is for FTTP/FTTC/HFC & FW

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