Save on an energy plan through MyRepublic






Q When will the credits show in my bill? 
A: On the next bill after successfully signing up MyRepublic energy or gas (or both). 

Q What will the credit look like on my bill?
A: The credit description you will see on your bill is MyRewards Cashback

Q How much credit will I receive on my bill?
A: $5 for gas; $5 for energy ($10 if you have got connected to both gas and energy) each month, for 12 months total.

Q What happens if the credits don't show on my bill?
A: Before payment is processed we send a notification to your MyRepublic MyRewards account that the reward is “Pending”. Not long after that, the credits will appear on your bill.

Q What happens if I cancel my broadband service?
A: Your credits will no longer be applied as your service has been canceled.

Q What happens if I cancel my electricity/gas service within the first 12 months of using the MyRepublic energy provider?
A: The credits will stop being applied to your bill.

Q How do I get help with my electricity/gas service?
A: You can reach out to the electricity/gas service provider directly or to MyRewards customer service at

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