Updates to the security features of your MyRepublic account.


mceclip0.png  Updates to the security features of your MyRepublic account.

The MyRepublic team is committed to continuously working to improve the security of your private information and we take that commitment very seriously. 

We undertake a number of different precautions to protect your information. 

One very important way of protecting your information is through two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication means that we use two, separate methods to make sure that if we’re accessing your information or making any changes to your account, we use two separate methods to confirm your identity. 

MyRepublic is now implementing two-factor authentication across its systems to improve the security of your information and protect you from unauthorized access. 

What’s changed for me?

When you request changes to your account, especially changes that we would consider important or would put your personal information at risk of being compromised, we will send you a code to an email address or mobile phone number linked to your account. 

This is called a One Time Password (OTP). We will ask you to confirm the OTP we have sent to you on our website or to the team member you’re speaking to prior to making any changes.


What happens if I receive an OTP without making any changes?

If you receive an OTP from MyRepublic, without you or any other authorised persons on your account requesting any changes you should contact MyRepublic immediately via live chat. When you contact MyRepublic promptly, we can investigate the source of the OTP request and ensure that if there are unauthorised changes or requests we can prevent them from happening or reverse them if required. We will not hold you responsible for any unauthorised changes if you contact us at the first available opportunity. 

Will these messages cost me any money?

Two-factor authentication is being upgraded at no cost to you as part of our commitment to the security of your account and information. There is no charge for any SMS or email messages sent to you as part of the two-factor authentication process.

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